Andros island

Andros is one of the most popular tourist island resorts in Aegean sea, due to its natural beauty, culture and close distance from Athens. The island has beautiful beaches, great archaeological and historical monuments, verdant valleys, vast areas with olive trees, gorges and crystal-clear running waters.

Batsi is one of the most visited places on the island located on two hills surrounding the homonymous bay. Here, you will be fascinated by the Cycladic landscape, the small port and the wonderful beach of the settlement, which is considered one of the best of Andros.

Site seeing in Andros

In the whole island of Andros there are many attractions, as it has been an important cultural center of Greece since antiquity.

At Hora , the main city of the island you can visit :

  • Many historical and traditional Greek churches
  • Kabanis water spring
  • Tourlitis lighthouse
  • Several type of museums with awesome seeings

In other areas of Andros there are attractions worth visiting, such as::

  • Sariza water spring
  • Saint Peters tower and the lighthouse of Gavrio port
  • the Ancient City of Andros, the Geometric Settlement of Zagora and the Archaeological Museum in Paleopolis
  • Dionisos Springs and Taxiarhis Churche in Menites village
  • The Korthi Bay with the Castle and the Folklor Museum
  • the traditional churche of Mesaria Village
  • the Lion bridge and Bistis Tower in Stenies village

Andros is 36 miles far from the port of Rafina, located on the east coast of Attica. From the port of Rafina depart ferries in regular basis to Andros and the journey takes at about 2 hours.

There are many daily routes from the port of Rafina to Andros, depending on the season. You can reach Rafina by bus from the Field of Areos in Athens or by private car via Attiki Odos heading towards Markopoulo, following the exit that reads to Rafina. Then drive on Marathonos Avenue until you see the sign to the port of Rafina.

If you have just arrived at Athens Airport and wish to visit Andros, you can board one of the airport's special buses or take a taxi to the port of Rafina. The bus costs €3, while the taxi costs around €25 – € 30.

In case you are coming from the rest of Greece, you must take the National Road until you find the first entrance to enter attiki odos heading towards Markopoulo. Proceed until you see the sign that reads "Rafina" and continue straight until you find the turn to the port of Rafina.

In addition, you can reach Andros by ferry from some other Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Syros and Tinos. If you want to know about the routes that connect Andros to these islands, please contact the port of Andros authority.

Usefull contacts:

  • Port of Rafina : Tel. 22940 22300 or 22940 22487
  • Seaways Lines Ραφήνας: Tel. 22940 24660
  • Port of Andros: Tel. 22820 71213
  • Short tel code for information : 1440
  • Athens Bus Terminal : Tel. 210 821-0872 or 210 823-0007
  • Rafina bus station : tel 22940 23440

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